San Diego Geological Society, Inc.

Geologists at an outcrop (Source: D. Bloom)

Mission Statement

The San Diego Geological Society provides educational opportunities for professional geologists and the general public on San Diego regional geology and related earth sciences. The San Diego Geological Society is a single source for bridging services to the greater community.

Vision Statement

San Diego Geological Society maintains connections to the academic, professional, and general community to keep these communities aware of trends in the earth sciences.

Statement of Values

The San Diego Geological Society recognizes the importance of geology and related fields. The United Nations declared geology "most important" to solving environmental problems. The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) concluded that, in most cases, geology " the most important requirement to solving the problem....

UNESCAP attributes the remarkable success of geo-scientists in solving even the most "perplexing issues" of human health, safety and the environment to their ability as professionals " think in terms of long time intervals, to visualize changes in the environment that are a result of natural or anthropogenic processes and to put all of this into a three-dimensional and time perspective. No other professional scientist or engineer has been trained to do that...."

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