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San Diego Geology (Source: D. Bloom )

To contact the directors please use the contact page.

These pages are new. Please pardon the state of these web pages as we work on adding content. Until we have worked out the details please use the contact page form. It will allow us to direct your communication to the right party. In the mean time we are working on adding content to this site. While rather bare at this time, check back for new information such as links to other organization's websites, resources on geology in the San Diego region, and a listing of events of the Society. Please bear with us as we accelerate our efforts. If you have suggestions for improvement or just have a comment please provide it. We want to hear from you. If you would like to volunteer, also please let us know. There are many volunteer opportunities in at the Society. Liaison between students and other acedemia, the professional sector, and the public is one area we could use help with.

San Diego Geological Society, Inc.
3130 North Evergreen St.
San Diego, California 92110
Tel: 619-571-3470